The MX5 modified world is certainly a little crammed to say the least and there are a lot of nice examples about whether OEM, wide arched, stanced or track set up. Sam identified the MX5 as the perfect RWD car to start with, buckets of character and easily modified, soft top convertible and pop up headlights, what is there to not like?!




After purchasing the MX5 back in May 2015 already on a set of coilovers, Sam decided that more lows were needed and opted to slam it on the coilovers it was on but after having a blow out on the way to Players Classic earlier this year it was decided that air might be the most sensible option all round. Opting for V2 management, single 444c compressor, D2 custom short struts and bags, speciality suspension 4 gallon tank & water trap set up, it’s safe to say that air ride was certainly the right way to go for both good looks and practicality.




8J up front ET13, 9J rear ET0, Sam’s BBS RF’s suit the car down to the ground, even being mainly seen as a ‘VAG’ wheel and that being one of the reason these were Sam’s choice of shoes for the MX5. Sam had always wanted a set of BBS RF’s and had a vision in his head of how they would look on the car so set about trying to find the perfect set and with the help of Zacne Wheels they were sourced, refurbed and set up on the car with a touch of camber. Before the BBS RF’s Sam had some super rare three piece Image Cobra style wheels with gold faces which have now been shipped to the states.





Before the MX5 sam had a pretty cool slammed MK2 Golf Driver and since then the passion for cars and the modifying culture has grown along with the help of Dad and Brother Jack who are also well into their cars and bikes for that matter. The whole family also run a show you may have heard of called The Car Show Collective based in Kent.





We asked Sam what his favourite show of the year has been:

“I’m yet to go to many shows as I’m still fairly new to the whole show scene. I really enjoyed Grill and chill as it was an excuse to get everyone together and have a big old piss up. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to gravity so I can’t compare that in the mix, but in terms of cars, quality and pure character of the show, the Rollhard show was my favourite of last year. Although It’s hard to pick one event.”





Sam’s MX5 is dripping in rare parts from Japan mainly inside the cockpit such as his super cool centre console. The whole interior works together so well with all the exposed metal coupled with the quilted diamond leather door cards and splashes of wood, Sam has a lot of plans to cover every inch of the interior in quilted diamond leather to match which will make the interior a real nice place to be.




Sam’s other plans include stepping up the front BBS RF’s to 9J over Christmas so the wheels will sit at 9J all round and also next winter to head for a turbo set up for that extra bit of fun!




That’s it for Sam’s little MX5 but we may have something lined up with his brother Jack’s BMW in 2017…

Photo’s: Jordan Clarke

Car Owner: Sam Williams

Words By: Jordan Clarke

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