Whilst walking through Velden strip in Worthersee back in May we spotted Scott’s 350Z hiding away parked up by some shops. The first thing to catch our eye was the sheer width of the thing, upon closer inspection the fantastically ridiculous wheels and custom paint led us to track down Scott and arrange a shoot the next day.

The next day came and we headed up a near by mountain to Scotts temporary home in Worthersee, i’m sure you’ll agree the views were breathtaking, but stick a hydro’d and cambered 350Z in the foreground and you have something truly beautiful.

Suspension wise Scott decided on a 2 way hydraulic system coupled with Driftworks front camber arms and Custom rear camber arms to accommodate the amount of camber desired, which is a hell of a lot…

We asked Scott why he chose a 350Z.

“I originally wanted an s2000 but my girlfriends dad has a 350 and after driving his I  decided to change my focus to one of them, and here we are.”

Scott, what plans do you have for the car going forward?

“Going to focus on the interior next with a full overhaul then I’ll be putting a lot of time into my 240z build I have lined up.”

So not only does Scott have one of the coolest 350’s around, he’s simultaneously building one of the most prestigious jap cars ever, not bad aye!

You might be wondering what specs the wheels are to fill the wide arches of his smoothed Rocket Bunny kit, because I certainly was, they come in at 18×12 -52 up front with a 5″ lip and 18×13.5 -92 in the back with an 8.5″ lip, some manly specs.

“The wheels were chosen as I hadn’t seen many of the Watercooled cb1’s ever made. They were originally ordered as 10/12 j with no intentions of kitting the car but plans soon enough changed.”

Hopefully you’ll catch Scott and his awesome 350 at our Gravity Show on July 16th!

Photo’s: Jordan Clarke

Car Owner: Scott Lennon

Words By: Scott Lennon