QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – One of the truest statements that accurately describes Canibeat’s First Class Fitment event. Going strong as the 8th Annual First Class Fitment, even through the light misty rain of the morning hours, this show definitely delivered as expected from the warranted internet hype it gets. Attendees from as far as Canada, Florida and the Upper Midwest states made their way to Princeton, New Jersey to flood the Princeton Airport gates when it opened up at 11am to check this year’s cars out. 

As posts of acceptances and denials flood social media in late September, First Class Fitment has always shown that those with the most e-fame from Instagram followers, Facebook shares and re-tweets will not always get accepted. Unlike many shows in the states that accept all cars just to fill their venues, the selection seemed to be based on factors such as variety of make/models, cleanliness, and uniqueness. This included anything from exotics, rat rods and classics, to stance, track, and purpose-built VIP cars. 

That being said, this year seemed to have quite the number of engine-swapped vehicles such as Louis-Phillipe Viliard’s 2JZGTE powered Subaru that made the trek all the way from Quebec, Canada.

Another interesting swap was Dirk Deppen’s LM7 powered BMW 535i.

Not only were there swapped engines, there were swapped (Porsche) bumpers like what’s found on the winner of best paint/body work and his custom Porsche bumper. Andrey Sokolov’s 2JZGTE powered sc300 was nothing short of flawless.

Cars like Canibeat Christian’s TSX with all the Mugen goodies was definitely a one-of-a-kind.

Very rarely do we see these 2g Mitsubishi Eclipses that run anymore, let alone have an engine bay you can eat off of!

Speaking of engine bays, best engine bay went to Kyle McGraw’s B5 S4 with the custom cut hood to showcase all the copper-plated hardware as well as the perfection behind his build.

How often does anyone in the USA get to see not 1 or 2, but 3 R34 GTRs….

Hats off to First Class Fitment as this year’s show was very well organised and as a first-time attendee, let’s just say I’ll be returning for many years to come.


Photo’s & Words by: Cher Pheng Lee