Although Touring designations have long been a part of BMW’s history, it’s been the 3 Series Touring that really established the concept of the lifestyle estate. Here was a market sector that emphasised performance, fun and youthfulness, neatly sidestepping all the connotations estates used to be saddled with. Introduced in January 1996 the BMW E36 318i Touring was an icon of the 1990’s estate world.

In saying that, Ed has gone ahead and changed pretty much everything about the car.


So what used to be a normal Blue E36 Touring 318i, is now an M3 engined, stanced and fitted perfectly practical estate, kind of. Built by Ed at his unit and knowing the amount of different modified E36/E46’s around these days, he knew that he had to do something different. He’d always wanted a cream car, so painting the car that colour seemed to be the logical place to start.




Sporting some super rare custom BMW 3 piece splits, full M3 running gear, M3 brakes and that famous straight 6 3.0 M3 engine, and a very sort after AC Schnitzer front bumper, Ed’s infamous estate makes the best of stance and fitment. Of course to get all the lows, AirLift V2 was installed to get that desired tight fitment.





We asked Ed what his favourite thing about the car was, “Has to be the wheels, I love the dish and the fact that they’re custom 3 piece splits just makes them that bit more special” We have to agree, the wheels are certainly what makes the car stand out above the rest, and apparently he has some even better wheels lined up for next year…



Along with a host of subtle and rare parts to grace this creamy delight, Ed’s door handles are something we noticed when we had a quick look around the car before the shoot, saying that, we didn’t know that they were rare BMW Motorsport door handles, we just thought they looked cool!



To the bay. Housing probably my second favourite thing about the car after the wheels, that monstrous M3 engine, after a bit of tucking, some carbon touches and a splash of that same cream paint, it sits proud and very loud…



Also hiding away subtly inside the cock pit was this gorgeous E46 alcantara flat bottom steering wheel. Steering wheels often get over-looked but being such an integral part of any car, it’s important to keep it looking awesome and most of all, feeling great to drive with.



Photo’s: Nicholas Lawson – NL Images

Feature Car: BMW E36 Touring

Car Owner: Edward Johnston

Words By: Jordan Clarke