In 2007 Subaru released a whole new look to their most iconic car, the Impreza, which caused a lot of mixed opinions worldwide for the Subaru fans. In June 2012, Sim and Sammy both sold their cars to put money towards a project that would be totally unique and a masterpiece within the UK car culture, and that’s exactly what they have done.

The popularity of the car increased rapidly with positive and negative opinions being raised, a big reason for why this car causes such a stir is, “Why would you put air-ride on a car which was manufactured for performance and why a AWD car?”  Well why not?! Because it looks incredible! I am a fan of cars which have been modified to defeat the point for what they were originally manufactured for, expanding your minds away from what people usually do within this controversial car world whilst also causing love or hate, but brings nothing but attention to the car.



The car is fitted with V2 auto pilot management and ‘Airlift Performance’ threaded strut bodies. Chassis wise it includes front camber bolts, adjustable toe arms and adjustable rear camber arms enabling all round adjustment for that perfect fitment. I know Sim has spent plenty of his time messing about with it all trying to get the ‘Scoob’ to sit with a exquisite stance. Success!

Did you know that this is used as a daily? Now you do. Whenever I come across the ‘Scoob’, what impresses me most is the quality of the bodywork and the spotless shine it always offers. Rallying is a definite no with this Subaru!




One of the frequently asked questions to the owners is “How do you manage to keep the wheels so clean?” Well I have no right to tell the world their secret behind the exquisite cleanness, but I can promise you it’s not easy!

Alcon Mono 6 callipers with 365mm Alcon discs filling the whole 18×9 ET38 Rota Grid Drifts (8mm spacers on the front, 20mm spacers on the rear) is the most appealing feature to the owners. The wheels were an influence from a previous project car which Sim worked on himself and rightly so, they work excellently on the new project.





What most amazes me about this car is the potential it offers to the public eyes, it looks evil and aggressive with the performance to back it up, whilst at the same time being undeniably beautiful, being used as a daily and most of all it definitely has one hell of an ass with that S205 rear diffuser, ooft!

As the eyes of a human-being are the most beloved feature to a individual, the same goes with me and this car. The headlights are standard for the OEM feel but they’ve been prized open and painted satin black inside, the indicator reflectors have been totally blacked out and a set of 105mm halo rings. ‘Orgasmic’ is the word that springs to mind…


“Our favourite show has to be Ahoy 100% Tuning in Rotterdam”



Sim and Sammy are overwhelmed with the modifications so far and now are struggling to think of what else they could do to improve or change but still keep its functionality of a daily driver. I already know of a few ideas which have been considered for the future but sorry guys, it has to be kept secret but I’ll be catching up for further shoots to keep everyone up to date with the ‘Scoobs’ progress.



Its always an honour to shoot this car, it holds its place for one of the most attention-seeking cars and also one of the hottest hatchbacks the UK has to offer, until next time…


Photo’s: Olliee Wildsmith – Oh Media

Feature Car: Subaru Impreza STI

Car Owner’s: Sim Harratt & Sammy Housden

Words By: Olliee Wildsmith