When in amongst this crowded UK car culture it’s hard to do things differently and even harder to stand out from the crowd. For us, Lydia El-Hoss’s Indy yellow S2000 does just that, a mixture of both lairy bodywork and fine details, fantastically low and static, certainly great fun to be inside as well as the three stage pearl allowing a sublime depth of colour, simply awe inspiring to look at.




If you’re from Swansea, Wales you’ll have probably seen the car smashing it’s chassis around the local roads, or heard it. Although it does regularly make the short trip over to England for numerous shows and meets, when the sump isn’t leaking that is. We’d hate to ask how many sumps the car has been through but props to Lydia for braving the trip over the bridge many times every year, static and not giving a f*ck, fair play!




For Lydia an S2000 was always on the cards, the car was finally purchased when Lydia was 19, planning to modify but only keep the car for 2 years. However 5 years later, and looking as jaw dropping as it does, it’s clear to understand why the car remains a huge part of her life. Being static, the lows and fitment are pretty impressive and considering Lydia drives the car a lot, and hard, the paintwork and bodywork is incredibly clean. 




Eager to keep the car unique and different from the other modified S2000’s around, Lydia spent months trying to find the perfect wheels, perfect look, width, dish, offset, everything. Finally the gorgeous 18” Schmidt Tracer Tech 2’s were purchased, 8.5 et14 up front and 10.5 et7 in the back. However, a lot of work was still needed to make them fit and they were nearly swapped until ‘Father El-Hoss’ said to “Make the car fit the wheels” good advice Dad! With that a set of arches were purchased and riveted onto the car, however after about a week Lydia decided they weren’t the right arches for the car so another set had to be bought. Duraflex arches were then imported from the US, riveted onto the car but still not happy, the rivet holes were then fibreglass filled semi-flushed, and the whole car was then sent off to be repainted by Endless Road in Cardiff.




Yellow, yellow and more yellow. In your face but in a fantastically good way, we love how the car sticks out like a sore thumb when driving and turns heads where ever you go. However the Tanabe Concept G exhaust system supplied by our good friends at 6TWO1 coupled with the Tegiwa decat, may slightly contribute to the head turning creating a mini earthquake wherever it goes, and of course the semi-crazy rev range of a touch over 9k on the S2000 helps add the ridiculousness.



Lydia answered some questions we put to her about the car and the modifications:

Why did you modify it the way you did?

“None of it was planned, I simply chose things I liked, threw them together and luckily it came out with what you see now. It’s been through a few phases, but now it’s definitely heading in the direction I always imagined it would.”



Favourite thing about the car?

“It’s all my favourite, as each individual aspect contributes to it as a whole. None of it would be as effective without the rest. If I HAD to chose, probably the wheels, simply because it took me so long to find exactly what I wanted.”



Any other mods planned?

“I have so many ideas in my head but doing them takes time, so it wont happen over night. Engine is next, how I’ll go about it I’m not sure yet, but as I said there are so many ideas just need to pick one. Whether it’ll be a full swap or messing with the F20 I don’t know yet.”



What has been your favourite show of the year?

“Without it being a typical answer, Gravity was definitely one along side Players.”

(Gravity 2017 – Sunday July 16th)


That’s is for the S2000, however Lydia has a whole collection of other cars and future plans to modify them so no doubt we’ll be back to feature something else next year…

Photo’s: Jordan Clarke

Car Owner: Lydia El-Hoss

Words By: Jordan Clarke

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