With the E36 BMW being such an iconic and popular car in both the show and track areas of the car world, there is no doubt in our minds that Ruairi’s E36 is one of the cleanest E36’s around in the UK at the moment. Calling Ireland home, a lot of you might not have seen this car in the flesh, however we got the opportunity to see Ruairi’s pride and joy at Ultimate Stance this past November and we were not disappointed. Bought as a bog standard 328 sport it’s safe to say that a lot of hard work has gone into this car in the past year or so to get it looking like this…



In the beemer’s short lifespan as a show car, it has seen a fair few sets of wheels including 2 sets of splits, Futura’s and Carline CM6’s as well as a set of genuine type 2 Schnitzers which were on the car for a short while but now sitting pretty on some OZ Futuras 17×9.5 and 17×10.5 which for me, set the car off, although Ruairi’s thinking something new for next season…



Sporting the standard 328 engine and upgrading the interior to the subtle M3 full black leather the mods have been kept subtle, but with some engine work this year, it will be interesting to see what the outcome is!



We asked Ruairi what his favourite show of the year was: “Has to be Ultimate Stance, unreal weekend!” and we agree, was an awesome weekend and cant wait for the show this year.


We also asked what his favourite thing was about the car? “It’s hard to pin point one favourite thing as I love everything about it pal!” A fair point, we couldn’t pin point one thing either!



For this year he plans to have a different set of wheels and possibly some engine work, but was reluctant to let us in on any of the other plans for this season. For now that remains under wraps!

Special thanks to all Ruairi’s “Bellend mates” for helping him get the car to where it is today.


We really love this car and enjoyed shooting it very much! We look forward to seeing it this 2015 show season with all the further modifications and changes that will be taking place over winter.



Photo’s: Shaun Breen

Feature Car: BMW E36

Car Owner: Ruairi Coleman

Words By: Jordan Clarke