HoHo’s Honda Accord Type S CL9 was brought completely stock 4 years back, with the strong intentions of building a car that wasn’t of the norm in the Honda scene. After taking a lot of inspiration from his uncles Mugen CL7 EuroR back in Hong Kong he decided that there were certainly aspects that could be brought to the UK Honda scene as there wasn’t many around at all and so it began.

Bone stock when the car was first purchased HoHo’s first mod was to go semi track lowered on a set of custom made Aragosta coilovers off his uncles car, sporting some staggered TE37’s the car was originally going track spec, but ended up opting for stance to obtain that different look.



The wheels soon changed to BBS LM’s and now on the gorgeous set of SSR Koenig custom refinished in Tiffany blue pearl 18×8.518.9.5. Next up was the addition of many Mugen styling upgrades supplied by HondR. Including Mugen front lip, Mugen Front Grill, Mugen Side skirts, Mugen Rear lip and Mugen wind deflectors, but the Mugen didn’t stop there. Adding Mugen steering wheel, Mugen Boss, Mugen shifter, Muegn oil cap, Mugen rad cap, Mugen fuel cap and not forgetting Mugen wheel nuts.



HoHo remained static until a good friend Wilz from Smokehoes made a point by saying “Imagine your car two inches lower and with practicality.” So after that a week later the air was ordered, 3 weeks after they arrived and with two long nights it was done, easy as that!



“My Favourite shows have to be Japfest 1&2, and 100% tuning Rotterdam, thanks Simon for the invite!”



“The car is far from ready for 2015 at the moment, but with some great companies backing me this year, i’ll be back.”



HoHo’s Accord was a pleasure to shoot and write about, its always good to see something different. We are very much looking forward to seeing the end result of a lot of changes that are currently in action…


Special Thanks to:

Gary at SO:NU Paint

Frankie at Obsessive Detail

CMJ Valeting

Maz and Rus at HondR

Adam at 6two1

Pete at Evil Exhausts

Danny Evans the joiner


AlloyPro Newcastle


Photo’s: Chris Sloanes 

Feature Car: Honda Accord Type S

Car Owner: HoHo Fernandez Pablo Chan

Words By: Jordan Clarke