Lex has been modifying cars now for about 12 years, and this JCW Mini is certainly an upgrade from his ‘Max Power’ 206. Lex decided he wanted a Mini after seeing a white Mini Cooper S fly past him and his son Dan in town one day, and once he heard that characteristic whine of the supercharger, he was hooked.



Though, Lex’s Mini is no ordinary modified Mini. After purchasing it around four and a half years ago, Lex promised him self that this would not be modified, being a JCW, with JCW brakes and cat-back system, it didn’t need to be?! Yeah right..

So it began, a set of Image BPS’s and coilovers were purchased within weeks, next up were a set of Rota’s then a gorgeous set of rare BBS RT’s which aren’t made anymore, then some grey Porsche Twists and now, the stunning Gotti G1001’s, 8J up front and 9J on the rear.



The first thing you’l notice about Lex’s stunning Mini is, apart from the fact it’s on air ride and insanely clean, the purple touches. Purple everywhere, the seats, the boot, the engine bay, custom made colour coded silicone hoses to match, the door cards, the roof lining and even in the headlights! The purple trim is something Lex is very proud of, and rightly so..


“The main thing I get asked at shows is, why the purple?”

The answer is simple, purple was Lex’s mum’s favourite colour, and as he inherited some money, it seemed fitting to spend it in the way of a tributary purple interior.



Trimmed Headlights, saw a Beetle with them on that was getting a lot of attention and hadn’t seen it done before so Lex thought he’d give it a go, and not surprisingly he’s had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to them, they’re awesome!


My favourite thing about the car has to be the Tillett seats and the re-trimmed headlights”

The Tillett seats aren’t your every day aftermarket seats, no no. Lex has had these fully custom made for his Mini. These Tillett B6F’s have been fully custom made and custom colour coded to the car to match the purple theme. They are fully FIA approved and were custom made within just 2 weeks for HOW in Belgium 2013.




“My favourite shows have been DMPD in Holland in 2013 closely followed by Players Classic 2013.”


Trimming work was done by Lawrence at LG Trimming, the air install & rear seat delete was done by Studio In Car and the roll cage was custom made by Cyclone Motorsport in Essex.



All in all, we love Lex’s Mini, the purple touches, the wheels and of course the lows. What a car. But not just a show car, it’s got the power too, and lex still uses it every day! He told us he gets asked whether it’s just a show car because of how clean it is, his response,

“Why would I spend my time and money on something I love, to put it away just for shows?!”


Photo’s: Grant McDonnell – GMD Online

Feature Car: Mini Cooper S – JCW

Car Owner: Lex Harris – Instagram: @Lex_jcw

Words By: Jordan Clarke