For this feature we headed to Maidstone in Kent to see Nathan and his gorgeous gentlemanly MK4 Bora. We have known of Nathan’s car for a while, but little touches kept getting added every couple of weeks so we’ve had to wait until now! Being a graphic designer by trade, it was very interesting to see how Nathan put his creative mind into building a car.



We asked Nathan what his inspiration for choosing a Bora was.

“My inspiration was just seeing loads of really cool Boras out in the US online when trying to figure out what car I wanted to buy next. Then I saw Hamidis GLI and that just sparked my need to build my own US spec GLi Bora. Especially knowing how hard and rare the bits are to put one together.”




With regards to actually building this car, Nathan, his friends, their club Gutenstance and the guys over at Carbon Motive have put in all the work to get it where it is today. Everything from the wheels and the awesome fitment, the super rare GLi chrome rub strips and even the black Damask interior trim lining the roof, it’s the small subtle touches that make this car what it is, awesome. Especially since Nathan traded the 3SDM 0.06 for these gorgeous Kerscher KCS staggered in 9 & 9.5J witch a touch of stretch and with the help of his Airlift V2 air ride to get those arches sitting nicely in the gap.




We also asked Nathan what his favourite show was, something that we like to ask as there as so many shows, it’s important to get peoples opinions of which they thought was best for them.

“Picking a favourite show is difficult as Ive not been to that many. I’ve only been going to shows properly since last year. But having said that, the year before that in 2013 the one and only show I did attend was Edition 38, the whole camping with your mates and making a weekend of it really sticks out for me! The Car Show Collective ‘show of shows’ was also one of my favourite shows, really refreshing to see all types of cars at one totally awesome location and was such a chilled out day with an awesome variety of cars.”




Nathan’s quest to create a mostly US spec GLi MK4 Bora with his personalised creative touch has certainly been a successful one in our eyes, whilst also opting for a spot of ‘stance’ to go with it. Stance is a word thrown around a lot these days and is widely stereotyped to be any car with a lot of camber, huge dishy wheels and obviously low. But stance is something that can be and is interpreted differently by each person and each person equally has a imaginary image of what they believe qualifies under the ‘Stance’ label. For us, Nathan’s Bora is what we would imagine a Stanced MK4 Bora to look like, what do you think?




“My favourite thing about my car has got to be the people I’ve met because of it! You meet so many decent people at shows, meets and various forums and social medias etc etc and even though you may live miles away you still get to chill out with them when you see one another at shows! Im really lucky to have a group of friends local to me to make up Gütenstance really!”



Nathan’s car was a pleasure to feature, it’s fairly rare to find someone who bought a car with a specific aim and follow through with every last touch of it with no influence from the world around him. I’m sure he has a few more plans for it this year and you’ll definitely see it at a lot of the shows across the country for the rest of the 2015 season.


Next stop Modified Nationals! See you there!



Photo’s: Grant McDonnell – GMD Online

Feature Car: VW Bora MK4

Car Owner: Nathan Canty – @njcanty

Words By: Nathan Canty & Jordan Clarke