You may have seen our Yellow M3 out and about, doing the rounds on Facebook thanks to various burnouts and on our stands at shows throughout the year, the car belongs to Kiran Halsey. Also the proud owner of the black Rocket Bunny GT86 you’ll have also seen on our SlammedUK stands throughout the year, however that’s currently hiding away for winter undergoing some major work.

I asked Kiran why he bought the car in the first place:

“I originally bought the car because I needed something to use as a daily, something that was reliable but nice to look at and I could do small if any modifications to it at all. So I set about finding something that fit the criteria. I have always liked BMW’s and the 2015- F80 M3 is a fantastic looking car from standard. I visited my local dealership and they had an all black competition pack M3 in the showroom, so I spoke to the manager who let me take it for a test drive and I fell in love with it in seconds. I found one which fit my budget and bought the car.”

When first purchasing the car Kiran has no intention of modifying the car very much at all. It was going to be a daily driver that he could use to for work, travelling to meetings and such, but also practically as well. So having 5 doors, a huge boot, and being an M3 was perfect for what he needed it for. All the while with the intentions of doing some small modifications, lowering springs and spacers to get a nicer fitment than the standard, gloss black grills at the front, and having the secondary cats removed just for that little bit extra noise. All of which Kiran had done within 3 weeks of owning the car.

“I was happy and although my mind wandered and I got into the depths of the internet looking at parts, I did not want to invest anymore money into the car.”

Why the plan changed:

“I have always been into cars and buying/selling cars is a hobby of mine, I had at the time a 1971 Chevrolet C10 which I sold on so I had a lot of cash sitting ready for the next purchase. But my friend Jordan, owner of SlammedUK and Gravity had other ideas. He spoke to friends within the industry about air ride and a wrap for me, and I have always had an idea of what I would do to the car if I decided to modify it. So the car got booked in for the wrap (Identity Wraps) and air (Intermotiv), and I found some Rotiform Wheels for sale second hand (OZT’s). I also got myself carbon side vents, rear boot spoiler, front splitter and canard pieces and the project started, although Jordan smashed the front splitter to pieces when he had the car getting the wrap and air done for me, thanks!”

Originally Kiran was happy with the standard wheels, but then the modifying started and came across a set of Rotiform OZT’s with the correct PCD and the rear fitment was perfect for the M3. The fronts required a 20mm spacer but aside from that they were perfect. The OZT’s were run for a long while but then Kiran decided about a month back that a change was needed. After a while struggling to sell the wheels he received a DM and got offered a swap for a rare and gorgeous set of OZ Futura’s that you see on the car now.

“To achieve good enough fitment spacers were required both front and rear but they look so good, I’m over the moon with them.”

A question we get asked a lot at the stand and I know Kiran gets asked a lot is ‘Why Yellow?’

“I chose yellow simply to be different, I have not seen yellow on an F80 M3 to my knowledge, and I don’t like to follow the crowd. Being individual and different is more important to me than just doing what is the norm or what others perceive as how to do things. I always do what I want to do with my cars, what I think looks good and for me the yellow works really well and I couldn’t be happier with my colour choice. Saying that, no doubt it’ll be changing in the new year, I like to change things often as I get bored easily, and with the trip to Worthersee coming up in May i’d like to have something different to go with.”

You’ll see Kiran’s M3 on our stand at Ultimate Stance this November 5th on the new OZ Futura’s, and keep an eye out for more burnout videos in future as i’m sure there will be some!

Photo’s: Nic Lawson & Jordan Clarke 

Car Owner: Kiran Halsey

Words By: Jordan Clarke & Kiran Halsey