James’ 1969 Mercedes 250 / w114, something that we’ve been waiting to feature for a long time but with lots of different plans and changes for the Merc we’ve had to be patient, and well, it was well worth the wait…



This stunning W114 has been originally restored and bagged on a driveway with James’ old man, with no shelter, through winter. Paint-wise after a lot of deliberation, James decided to go with the old school american red and white theme. The red chosen is something a little less retro, Renault’s new ‘flame red’, paired with a slightly off white colour for the roof, for us, these colours make a perfect combination and suit the car down to the ground.




You’ll notice the car isn’t exactly stock height, this is due to being dropped on 6″ bags all round with custom fabricated mounts all created and carried out by James and his dad, along with manual solenoid management and a wireless key fob, again all carried out at home, James’ Merc may possibly be the true definition of a ‘Driveway Build’.




We asked James: What’s your favourite thing about the car?

James replied: “The stack style headlights and scraping the shit out of the exhaust.” Who doesn’t love scraping right?!




Despite all the new interior options in todays market, as well as a whole range of seats and re-trimming options, James opted to keep the interior all original, apart for the air gauges of course, which you’ll find cleverly mounted and hidden away in the glove box, again carried out by James.



To match the all original interior, this 1969 classic has had all the original external chrome work kept and refurbished, you would be forgiven for thinking this was straight out the factory!



Contrasting beautifully to the newly painted body, are these fully polished 15” SSR Visconti’s, featuring gold hardware, and sitting at 7.5J up front and a touch wider at 8J on the rear.



With more changes in the pipeline, namely an engine swap due to the, I quote, “2.5 litre slow as shit straight six” to something no doubt big and American, i’m sure we will be doing another feature in the near future.


Photo’s: Jordan Clarke

Car Owner: James Aveil 

Words By: Jordan Clarke