No bags and no rotiforms here, why? Because race car! Christian’s GTI Golf has caused such a stir on social-media as it appeared out of nowhere with crazy exterior modifications with no f***s given. To put things straight, this feature has been published for all you readers to understand Christian’s reasons for his current modifications and his future plans for the Golf.

Christian is about done with the car show ‘scene’ and is moving onto putting the car on the track. His ideas have briefly been spoken out loud with pictures to show his most recent progress, people are quick to judge the monstrous looks the car first came out with and the key features the car is missing for it to be a race car. Let me tell you now that this car is a work in progress and whatever your opinions are, Christian really doesn’t give a f***.



Theres no wing to see here, the wing is being redesigned which will be back on into the new year. Meanwhile there are bolts in the original holes for the spoiler are there to stop the cause of rust over the winter. If the previous wing is anything to go by this re-designing is going to be very interesting indeed…

“By February I plan to have a bigger turbo, bigger fuel pump, RS4 injectors, actuator, a roll-cage and 400bhp.”




Whats your favourite car show and why?

“Fueled Society because of the variety of cars, its not the same old bagged s*** you see everywhere.”




The exterior modifications stick out like a sore thumb, the front bumper is the ABS Motorsport bumper from the AMD BTCC car with the vinyl grill, the front and rear wings are taken from the same car. Carbon wing mirrors, BBS RE1096 wheels covering the Porsche 4 pot brakes. The SA Motorsport rear diffuser is a eye-catcher, its clearly seen that the diffuser is lopsided, well done Christian for reversing into a kerb.



The 1 piece magnesium BBS RE1096’s are 1 of 8 sets ever made for AMD’s BTCC Golf touring car with each wheel is individually numbered, you wont find any other car wearing these shoes.



“The plan for next year is to enjoy the car, hit the ring and Spa a couple of times as well as UK tracks. Wildcard entry into Time Attack at Cadwell park and to enter the 2.0 Modified category in the Sprint Series.”


“A shoutout to Mark at Unique Bodyworx, Danny at SSAutowerks, Ryan at Garage Midnight, ABS Motorsport and Steve at SA Motorsport.”


I’m looking forward to see the further progress with the project, not only am I excited to see the result but I’m excited for Christian as he will have the car ready and competing in next year races. I’m sure more coverage of the road going BTCC build will be published on Slammed UK next year, so until then!


Photo’s: Olliee Wildsmith – Oh Media

Feature Car: VW Golf MK5 GTI

Car Owner: Christian Chapman

Words By: Olliee Wildsmith