I’ve been involved in the European car world since 2007 when I purchased my first GTI. I was hooked on VW’s mostly because it brought a lot of great friendships and was just one big community, I got the bug just like everyone modifying cars and I became more and more involved over the years!


I’ve owned and have been published in a few magazines for our builds from Eurotuner Magazine, to Performance VW, and a few local mags. I started a car club back in 2007 called EE Militia which brought on a new outlook in being involved in the community and being involved in doing events, charity events, BBQ’s, you name it!

Over that time, I just got passionate about air ride, wheels, and vinyl wrapping (whether simple stickers, or interior trims, to full vehicle wraps) I just love seeing how a car can look so good to the ground with very subtle changes to create an appealing show stunning vehicle!




Over time, things got tougher with my father getting sick, taking care of the family, and trying to run both my day job and my small business. I was happy to make events, I was fortunate to scrape by enough money to have booth setups at some shows on the east coast.. My main focus was to provide customers with the best service and experience possible!

I would talk to my dad whether at home or the hospital about when we make it.. when we actually grow the company.. We should get a project car!

The Porsche literally came from us just loving the body style of the 981. Both him and I would write notes on anything… napkins, paper, newspaper and we would talk about what we would do to a 981 if we had the time and the money. At this point in life, I was on leave at work because my father only had a few months with his battle with cancer.



I basically just worked on a website for the Underwraps Automotive business. I would reach out to vendors trying to expand our product line. It was tough in the beginning, but Airlift Performance, Rotiform Wheels, HP Drivetech, AutoFinesse and a few other companies really stepped up and gave me a chance to grow! They believed in not only me, but Underwraps Automotive mission and passion to not just sell air ride suspensions.. But more create a family of enthusiasts who are just as passionate about Air Ride as us! To treat customers like they were your friend, to be available and there to help! If you don’t know it.. take the time to research and help the customer!

Sadly my father passed away just before Christmas, the day he passed away.. was the day I gave my notice to my company and went full time with my company. I had saved up enough to get by and do what I wanted to do in life and wanted to give it my full attention.


The Porsche is a dedication build to my father. Although I had to dip into my house fund.. It was the right choice! Not even a week later.. I was traveling to pickup a brand new 2014 Porsche Cayman. I took the notes that me and my dad had and compiled them into a check list and thought of where to start.

First was a set of custom Rotiform Wheels! Ivan was my sales person and is still my rep today over at Rotiform!

My fathers favourite colour was red, so the blood red two tone matte finished LHRs were being made!


The car took about 8 months to complete.. The only other things we are finishing up this year is a Harness Bar System, and we are actually adding an additional set of wheels as daily driver set (Rotiform)… of course!



H20i was a show I’ve been attending the last 4 years. My friends I’ve met over the years started a blog called “Condukt.co

They shared the same values, and loved their movement which was more about “NEW” and “CREATIVE” content! Not just let me share a picture from this other blog kinda deal.. I always loved how they seem to fit in what Underwraps Automotive stood for.

Do what you want to do, the only trophy ever worth anything is your own self happiness.. Meaning, just love what you do to your vehicle and you will never be unhappy.

People like, don’t like my Porsche.. I built it for me, my family and for all the right reasons..


This 2015 season, I’m starting to see more caymans pop up on air ride and even hydros and I love it! We should all be more pro-active and want to push the limits.. too many people are more worried about what others think.. and unfortunately, that is hurting the scene these days. Not everyone is going to have the money to spend openly like others.. But anyone can put there own style to a car… And if it’s something you want to do and can’t afford it.. Then wait! Why are there timelines? Do it, but build it for you!

So Condukt.Co and I got together and decided to try to make a G2G which would be fun! We would raise funds for the Lustgarten Foundation (in memory of my dad) and we made t-shirts, decals, custom air fresheners and all proceeds went to Lustgarten for a good cause! Everything about the G2G was amazing! All our friends stepped up and worked and handed out “FREE” gear, stickers, we worked the entire 4 hours.. Hell, we even had someone propose on the beach during our raffles!


All in all the Porsche is a car that will stay in the family for a very long time! Every time I get in the car and start her up, I think of my dad! I think he would be proud of how it turned out, and would be even prouder that the business is growing because we treat customers the best we can!

I’m extremely lucky and thankful to all my friends, family, vendors, for all the support and appreciate people enjoying what was the end result of one of the most dedicated builds we ever done.


Build Details:

2014 Porsche Cayman (PDK)

20×8.5 /20×11 Rotiform LHR with 2/3″ lips anodized blood red with black barrels and chrome hardware

ZERO CAMBER (as required due to the specific suspension)

True titanium lug  bolts via Tikore

Fully custom HP Drivetech struts with Airlift Performance air ride suspension/management (special thanks to Airlift and HP Drivetech)

Full Borla exhaust

IDP Plenum throttle body

Fanspeed headers

Techart rear race wing

Custom BGB Motorsport cage and harness

Custom ebroidered armrest

Silver anodized Porsche badging


“These words are obviously the words of a true enthusiast. Kevin shares the same values that we believe in and his passion and attitude is exactly what the automotive world needs more of, his Porsche is something special, not just a Cayman on Air Ride and Rotiforms but a personal build that means something to him. He built it for himself and his family, what Kevin has created here in his car and his own company is something that we are very grateful to be able to feature, and extremely proud to be a part of.” – Jordan Clarke


Photo’s: Ircko Rus

Feature Car: Porsche Cayman 981

Car Owner: Kevin Janovsky

Words By: Kevin Janovsky & Jordan Clarke