I’ve owned lots of VAG cars over the years, from MK1,2 & 4 golfs, I then moved to a car which I always dreamed of owning, a Mitsubishi Evo 7. I went absolutely mad with it, covered it with carbon and bigger turbo etc. making 645WHP. But then it was time to sell up and buy a house and get something a bit more ‘sensible’, I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew it was going to be something VAG. At the time a new neighbour of mine bought him self a new MK2 TT and I fell in love with the way it looked, so I went ahead and bought my self a ‘poor mans’ TTRS (lol).

This TTS had a very high spec, including Recaro Wingbacks as standard which is a very rare option in the TTS. Once bought I told my self (and my wife) that I wouldn’t be modifying this one, famous last words to any serial modifier.

The modding started slow at first with the usual, exhaust, induction kit etc. then the carbon started to slowly appear in the form of rear valance, mirrors, grills and petrol cap. I was happy for a while then around a year later things started to get a bit more serious, I wanted the car low, I wanted eye watering lows, and then I met Si Sweetland of Stillstatic who happens to be the UK Supplier of H&R Ultra Low coilovers, needless to say I proceeded to buy the 140mm lowering kit, which at the time was the lowest kit they did.

Of course I then had to get the wheels to match and I wanted some tuck, the wheels you see in the pictures are 20” 9J all round MBDesigns LV1’s in custom gold, which personally I think suits the car really well.

There is a kind of snowball effect though as now I had the big wheels it made the brakes look small… and I also wanted more power so I bought some C6 RS6 6 Pot calipers with 390mm wavy discs up front and 360mm RS7 discs out back. I told my self i’d be stopping here but I couldn’t roll as low as I wanted because the front wheels were dangerously close to the arches with the new brake set up so I went back to Si who hooked me up with a set of 3cm wider Muecke arches so I could get it low enough and it still turn on full lock and drive alright.

We then decided that Rob and I needed to go back to Worthersee… so I said to my self that I needed the car mapped so that it is better on fuel (lol) so took the car to Vas Works and this is where I met Adam Hodge. He proceeded to give the TTS the REVO treatment, the car now pulls like a train and was great fun on the Autobahns, I couldn’t have been happier!

That just about sums up the life of the car with me, however i’ll likely be stripping the car and looking for a real TTRS next year, so keep an eye out!

Photo’s: Rob Schaverien

Car Owner: Toby Wilkinson

Words By: Toby Wilkinson