By now, i’m sure most of you have heard of or seen the outrageous and ballsy bodykit company that is Liberty Walk Performance. Up until just recently Liberty Walk kitted cars were mainly seen to be high end, big power supercars, GTR’s, M3’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s mainly, but now they have released their R56 Mini kit.




The guys over at the Performance Company, now the home of Liberty Walk Europe, decided that this would be a great base to start with. Purchasing the completely stock Cooper S towards the end of 2015, they only had a couple of months to complete the car for the big reveal at AutoSport International a few weeks back.




Notably down on power and stature compared to the usual madness of Liberty Walk supercars, this some-what common hatch back has something to prove. The aggressive wide lines of the kit coupled with the power and exhaust upgrades certainly prove something, this little Mini can kick it with the best of them.




Running a whole host of engine goodies from Forge including a FMIC and blow off valve, coupled with a Turbotechnics Hybrid Turbo and a Remus exhaust system with Scorpion down pipe, the sounds that emit from this little car are truly awesome. Producing around 285bhp the sounds are matched with its speed and while it might not be a supercar, it’s certainly not slow!




The awesome dark grey wrap to match exactly the same Liberty Walk Mini in Japan, carried out by the guys down at S6 Wraps, add’s a certain menace to the now super wide, stanced and aired out mini. Sitting super low on full AirRex Digital air suspension, adding to the width and aggressive layout are a brand new set of 3SDM custom 3 piece splits, sporting some crazy specs, 17×9.5 et0 and et-9. One would expect nothing less from a Liberty Walk car. 





“Imagine all the people living life in peace”


Liberty Walk kits are the epitome of what fun and happiness can be for the owner of the company, Wataru Kato. Although a clearly successful businessman, it’s clear to see from watching his videos and what he does, that all he wants to do is create a new automotive culture based around peace and happiness, and so far I have to say he’s doing a pretty damn good job.



As well as making these awesome bodykits for the ‘big boy’ cars, they also do a kids range of kits for those families that want to start their kids young, and get them straight into a Liberty Walk kids car, take these awesome Liberty Walk Kids cars for example, and why not start at the top? The iconic Ferrari 458, and the purely mental Lamborghini Murcielago are the two choices of the guys at The Performance Company. 






So there we have it, whether its for you or not, you have to admit that this Liberty Walk Mini is fantastically modified little car, and definitely creates that feeling of happiness that Kato wanted these kits to create.


Photo’s: Nicholas Lawson – NL Images

Feature Car: Liberty Walk R56 Mini Cooper S

Car Owner: The Performance Company // Liberty Walk Europe 

Words By: Jordan Clarke

Special Thanks: Iain @ iKustoms for fitting the LB kit and the AirRex kit.