The Vauxhall modified scene in the UK is somewhat overlooked in many ways, even with examples like Sam’s and Matt’s around. However having seen both the cars throughout the country at various events it was great to finally get a chance to catch up with them both and get some pictures down in Kent where we are based.



Sam has owned his VXR for a little over 5 years and was just 17 when the car was purchased. The following 6 months saw the car booked in for air ride and would be just the second VXR in the world to be bagged, therefore needed a fully custom set up and was show ready for the 2012 show season. Throwback!




Matt has owned his Astra for around 4 years and as a lot of peoples car purchases, was intended as a daily that 18 months later started to get modified and is now sitting as you see it super low on a 6-way hydraulic suspension set up and a gorgeous set of OZ Breytons.




We asked Sam why he chose to go with a Vauxhall as his first car:

“I had always been a Vauxhall mad enthusiast, with performance being a top priority in picking a car. The Astra VXR ticked all the boxes for me. Plus it was perfect as my fiancée had just purchased a near new Corsa D Sri with the intent of going all the way on both cars at the same time. Which we did!”




We asked Matt the same question:

“I had a Corsa C before and wanted to change car, I really liked the look of the astra so thought I’d stick with Vauxhall and go for it!”




Having seen both cars at various shows it was interesting to hear the thoughts behind the two different suspension systems from the drivers, where the majority of people head straight for air ride it was interesting to talk to Matt about why he chose hydro’s and how his set up is performing for him in relation to the Air Suspension set up on Sam’s.



In the end the suspension verdict was that the Air Suspension in Sam’s VXR is probably the more comfortable and easier to live with out of the two, however Matt’s Hydro set up seemed a lot more reliable especially in all weather conditions, although Matt did add that on his next car he will most likely opt for an Air set up due to the comfort of the ride!





We asked the two owners what their favourite things about their cars were:

Sam: “My favourite part of the car has to be the stance/fitment. I have always wanted it to look this way with rear camber and poke but keeping the fronts nicely tucked in.”

Matt: “I would say the hydros, but now I have the Breytons and having wanted them for so long, every time I pull her out the garage in the sun and see the shine on the dish, it always puts a smile on my face but I do love the hydros as well.”




The wheels on both cars are something that really stand out, both very different styles but both designed and set up to create perfect fitment and well, Sam & Matt have done a pretty good job. Which wheel set up is your favourite?



Matt’s OZ Breytons are a wheel he has always wanted and after a long wait he finally acquired them. Once purchased they were double stepped from 17-18 with slant 2.5” lips all round and after a lot of mixed opinions of the wheels on the car, it’s safe to say the risk paid off.





In contrast Sam has opted for a set of Rotiforms. A somewhat controversial wheel choice these days but everyone likes at least one design of theirs and with quality on their side, why not?!

Sam had always loved the TMB’s and once he had seen them face mounted with hidden hardware he knew they were the wheel for him and his VXR, nice choice.




We asked Sam what his favourite show of the year was:

“Best show of the year has to be 100% Tuning in Ahoy Rotterdam. My second year of attending with the VXR and it’s got the whole package! The show, the organisation, the road trip, the standard of cars and just everything!”




We put the same question to Matt:
“Well I didn’t get to do a great deal this year as building wheels is sometimes not a over night thing but I really enjoyed Rotterdam 100% tuning as this was my Euro show for the year. It’s a wicked road trip away with car friends and just amazing to visit different places.”




The plans for the respective cars include a change of engine and a complete change of vehicle but we’ll let Sam and Matt reveal what they have planned for next year. That sums up our feature of these two awesome Astra’s…

Photo’s: Jordan Clarke

Car Owner’s: Matt Jones & Sam Muccini

Words By: Jordan Clarke

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