Having not written any articles for events over the last 2 years or so, I thought it about time to start writing again, and where better to start than at the end of the show season, right?

Ultimate Stance, held at Telford International Centre at the end of each season, usually the fireworks weekend in November, this year had a bit of a ‘weird’ vibe. Not necessarily a bad thing, there just didn’t seem the same hyped up atmosphere that there usually is at the last show of the year, possibly due to the local ‘Oxygen’ nightclub being closed down, possibly not, either way there was a still a huge array of cool cars at the event and it’s always great to see everyone and everyones builds new and old. Including Lay N Play member Roy Samuels’ Hydraulic fitted 79′ V8 Cadillac with it’s amazing classic LowRider glittery intricate paint work and shapes, a heavily artistic build and one I spent a lot of time just looking at and taking in, a huge amount of hours have definitely been put into that paint!

It was great to see the boys from DriftWorks making the trip over to the event and showing off their cars, which i’m sure you’ll have seen about. Owner Phil’s absolutely unreal RWB 911 946 Turbo sporting some Work Brombacher wheels, and their Widebody S15 sitting nicely on a set of HSD Coilovers and perfectly fitting a set of Work Emotion CR3p wheels. Briefly reverting back, how amazing are RWB 964’s? Definitely a must have in the dream garage, usually found in lairy colours but Phil’s being silver looks somewhat understated, even though its an utterly mental wide body turbo’d Porsche, it’s somehow a quite satisfying combination.

Not so understated. Yellow is a colour i’m always a fan of, just seems to work on pretty much anything, but it does help when you add in to the equation an S15,  a Vertex wide bodykit, a huge wing, some coilovers and a set of deep dish Work Wheels. Rich’s S15 is just a thing of pure beauty and is pretty much perfect in every way, the wheels, fitment, height, colour, wing, bodykit, everything just works so so well, props to Rich for such a great build.

Keeping up with the variety of the show was Adam Rex’s  flawless, flip paint Mk1 Focus RS sitting very pretty on a set of 3 piece Rotiform OZT’s. Not usually a fan of flip paint but on this Focus it just works, maybe it’s the era of the car, the styling or both? Even though it looks so good, Adam’s MK1 Focus RS still puts out 400bhp from it’s fully forged 400bhp engine, figures not to be scoffed at!

Next up, Matthew Merrick’s bagged R56 JCW Mini. Probably one of the nicest modified mini’s i’ve seen around all year, the little touches like the Harris Tweed finish on the Cobra seats and the subtle but perfectly fitting RSI C6 Spoiler really set the car off, and then when coupled with the air suspension and fresh BBS RS’s, you’re really onto a winner.

Christian Gale’s flawless MK5 Golf GTI. No stone left unturned when it comes to this build, the interior is particularly impressive, the detail and work gone into the boot build, the cage, the seats, the custom turbo fans on the stepped up BBS RS’s, everything has had a lot of effort and detail put in and it really shows. The contrasting red stitching on the boot build, the alcantara dash and door cards and the re-trimmed Pole Position seats matching the red cage and the centre caps all really help pull everything together, it all just works so well.

I spent ages at the weekend taking in all the details in the interior, if you see this car around at shows for 2020, which i’m sure you will, make sure you take a close look at the interior and the details and the time gone into the boot build, very impressive.

My good friend Ryan was rockin’ his new look on his A45 AMG, his new 20″ Edd-Case splits really suit the car and finish off the look. Coupled with the all black everything else around the car, the wheels really stand out and make the car a lot more noticeable, the only thing with being all black everything, makes the car hard to spot in a crowd!

Another car where it’s the little touches that make all the difference. The carbon touches all over this Quattro MK1 TT were amazing, the roof, the rear wing, the mirrors, badges and even the fuel cap. Subtle but very clean build and certainly not looking like a 10+ year old TT.

Another one for the yellow fans, Jamie’s insane Honda DC5. Bagged, engine tuck and mm perfect fitment via his double stepped BBS RF”s, not sure there’s a better way to build a DC5!

What makes a show? The cars, of course,  but also the people. The people that take the time and spend the money to attend, the people that own and build the amazing cars, the people that take the photos, film the events, film the cars, the people that work on the cars, the business owners, the traders, the organisers, the families. The car people. So here are some photos of the car people. Apologies if we caught your bad side!


Thanks for reading, our next stop will be Autosport 2020 in January, a huge event and the European show opener for everything Motorsport and Tuning!


Photo’s by the very talented: Jamie Lockey – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamierobinphoto/


Written by: Jordan Clarke