What happens when you mix Swedish madness with German engineering? You get Fredriks Volvo. This isn’t your grandpas boring grocery getter, even tho it can be mistaken for one from afar.

Fredrik has always had a crush on old Volvos, and actually owned a supra MK4 before he built this. But hey, there’s something special about the old turbobricks isn’t there?

The car comes packed with a turbocharged M60B40 putting out a respectable 643whp and 920nm of torque. This is thanks to a huge KKK K31 turbo, Maxxecu engine management, bigger injectors and a lot of other mods, however the bottom end hasn’t been touched, it handles the 1.2bars of boost like a charm.

Interior wise it’s quite simple. Roll cage, tablet with all necessary information and a set of Supra MK4 seats to stay as still, as realistically possible while going sideways. After all, Fredrik still needed a bit of Supra in his life.

What makes this car so interesting is not just the fact it’s really really fast. It’s also low with nice fitment, it’s currently sitting on BBS RF’s, 9.5’’ all around. After all style is everything, even in Sweden.

If you’re on Instagram, @Kev1nnnn is the man with the camera, @fredrikpysander_vlnt is the owner and @bakaxeldelar is his sponsor!

Photo’s: Kevin Skold

Car Owner: Fredrik Pysander

Words By: Leo Carlsson

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