Craig’s 2002 Subaru Impreza ‘BugEye’ Wagon is notoriously eye catching. For a car produced nearly 15 years ago it stands out like any other new car could, helped of course by the 3, thats right three, carbon rear spoilers, riveted wide-arches and fully custom Cosmis S1 Black Chrome wheels, along with a whole host of other subtle mods that can be found all around the car.




Even more carbon can be found up front, the aggressive Siebon Carbon bonnet helps add to the menacing look coupled with the Elite Performance for bumper, saloon wide arches, 9J and 10.5J wide wheels and carbon front splitter. The choice of wide arching was an easy one for Craig, wanting to stand out and do something that not many people have done to wagons in the UK at the moment, the riveted arches make the wagon look almost like it should have arrived exactly like this from factory, really suits the lines of the car and the menacing front bumper helps to blend the whole kit together.




Why a wagon? You may ask. Well we asked owner Craig the same question, and the answer is simple, because there are fewer modified Subaru Impreza wagons than saloons, a fair reason! Especially when you don’t see too many super clean, wide wheeled, wide arched examples, this family ride really stands out from the crowd, even more so now that the third huge spoiler has been added! Craig’s choice of a Subaru specifically stemmed from wanting both a practical car for the dogs but also something that could be a toy and a bit of fun, and having had Jap cars previously like Supra’s and 300ZX’s, the Subaru wagon seemed like the most obvious choice.




Having not been in the modified car world long, Craig attends most shows with car club Fitment Junkies, a great bunch of guys and girls, awesome cars and attend most shows around the UK and Europe. We asked Craig what his favourite show of 2016 was: “ I attended all the Jap shows and Fast Show etc. but Gravity Show was actually my favourite last season” Thanks Craig!



The super concave Cosmis S1’s in Black Chrome really fill the arches well and create the perfect stance for the Impreza wagon, bringing it down to earth are a set of BC fully adjustable coilovers teaming up with two sets of Eibach camber bolts.


Owner Craig only started modifying the car 2 years back and has only really just started to make it’s mark on the modified car world here in the UK. There are a lot more plans for the car, including a big V8, possible twin turbo, wider bodykit and RWD conversion, and a couple of others are planned in the near future too. Safe to say Craig’s plans are pretty different in the wagon world, so i’m sure we’ll be back to feature his changes once they have been made!




That sum’s up our feature of Craig’s awesome wagon, but we have a lot more features coming your way so keep an eye out…

Photo’s: Jordan Clarke

Car Owner: Craig Bloomfield

Words By: Jordan Clarke

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