It all started with that I wanted a new ‘practical daily’ back in 2012. After some searching I found a great looking 320d E46 Touring, bone stock.

I had no big plans for it what so ever, all until I had an accident and totalled it. Long story short, the wreck was rebuilt and the ball started rolling. Since then it has been through various looks and stages but the last stage has been the most time consuming one.

I bought a set of stupid wide wheels and made them even wider with new lips. Then I cut all the fenders off and started making new ones in steel. This turned out to be one hell of a job and I spent over a year welding, grinding, and redoing things until I was happy with the shape and fitment. The whole car was then repainted for the third time in a dark blue pearl colour you see here.

The wheels are Superstar Leon Hardiritt Waffe’s and spec wise they are 18×11.5 ET0 up front and then 18×12 ET-13 out back, I wanted something that would fill the arches but also wanted something dishy and that would stand out.

The front end started as a standard M3 bumper but I widened it to keep in line with the extended arches so that the lines flowed nicely over the wheels and into the front. I then added CSL Splitters, a carbon fibre GTR Bonnet, custom front and rear splitters, and custom front and rear lights.

Suspension wise I went for a custom built bag-over-coil set up. I wanted the best of both worlds for the car and thought that this would be the way to go and i’m very happy with the results and how the car sits.

My favourite thing about the car is how the body lines still sort of look original and that everything so far has been done all by me. It’s great to look at something you have created your self and feel proud of what you have done.

I’m already tired of the current look, so next season it’s getting a new look again with new wheels and some mods here and there, so keep an eye out for me.

Photo’s: Andreas Wibstad

Car Owner: Andreas Wibstad

Words By: Andreas Wibstad

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